Thursday, March 26, 2009

Valentin Judashkin

Just a small portion of fashion for you from the wonderful russian designer Valentin spring-autumn collection...

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  1. Are the models Russian too? Because they are HOT! They look a little healthier than some of the runway models I've seen, which is good. I love the last dress, it reminds me of something a 1940's Hollywood starlet would have worn.

  2. Yes, models are russian too :)
    You can see btw much more on the website (link is under the photos) - there are so much beautiful collections. Even if you cant read it - photos are incredibly good.

  3. Love the black and white dress... made me wish there is an event coming up where i could wear it!

  4. I always enjoy your blog. If only I could wear that black/white to the next 4th grade fundraiser. HA!