Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to new friends!

Welcome to all the new faces who is following our blog :) I hope you will enjoy your every visit and if you feel like saying hello and introducing yourself - please feel free to do so!

I am starting with Featuring creative people from the next weekend - 21-22 of March. There are 5 great memebers that I will be talking about and you will be able to see their creations and their shops as well :)

If you would like to be featured here - please send me a note via Etsy or email me with "Feature" in a topic to and I will be happy to put you in avaliable spotlight.


  1. Maria, Thank you for the lovely post on my blog. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with your new sure to post some photos. Have a creative day!

  2. Hi Maria. How weird is it that you have Maine Coons as well? I think my Milos (Czech--pronounced like Me-low-sh) might be only part-Maine Coon. He's got the "giant" part of "gentle giant" down and, while he certainly is a sweetie, the chewing on my ankles to wake me up to feed him in the morning has got to stop!

  3. Hello!
    AWESOME blog you have here. I'll try to check back soon. :)