Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can you believe? and of course knitting.....

Can you believe we still painting?  Well we are of course only two people... it is over 100 square meters + we painting on dark color which need sometimes around 3 layers on it....
Had a slight poisoning from the paint we using for the shelves...well, no wonder....8 hours daily almost 7 days per week, no wonder my body gave up hahaha....had a wonderful nausea + burning cheeks and sore troat. FUN!
Now we are slowly moving forward... PLEASE keep your fingers crossed so it will be done end of this week?

But look what we going to bring next week.... dont you feel your hands starts itching? LOL
And YES we will have it in our online shop as well and we DO ship internationally!

And this one is my definate favorite!