Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can you believe? and of course knitting.....

Can you believe we still painting?  Well we are of course only two people... it is over 100 square meters + we painting on dark color which need sometimes around 3 layers on it....
Had a slight poisoning from the paint we using for the shelves...well, no wonder....8 hours daily almost 7 days per week, no wonder my body gave up hahaha....had a wonderful nausea + burning cheeks and sore troat. FUN!
Now we are slowly moving forward... PLEASE keep your fingers crossed so it will be done end of this week?

But look what we going to bring next week.... dont you feel your hands starts itching? LOL
And YES we will have it in our online shop as well and we DO ship internationally!

And this one is my definate favorite!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Snow in a spring....

We have a snow! No, not a real one of course but a flowering trees snow :) Its how our garden looks at the moment. Everything is in the bloom...cherry trees, pear trees, apple tulips are almost open as well :) will be sure to post some photos when they are ...

So gorgeous...and can you spot somebody secretly climbing a tree? LOL

And this photo was taken by our friends...sorry it is so blurry. It is our Big Foot with my son you can really see how huge he is :)


I finally have a second to post something. So busy with shop preparations I have to move my weekly Etsy feature for tomorrow! Please forgvie me for one day of delay.

For now just a short info on the new items I have....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Feature for Etsy creative people

And our next week of featured creative Etsy folks is here :)

I hope you will enjoy the visit to their shops!


I love the gentle pastel colors of the jewelry, they feels so feminine and so inviting. They feels fresh like a real spring.

"Tippy Stockton jewelry is designed and handmade from sterling silver, vintage, and glass beads. My inspiration is great color, texture and a bit of nature thrown in for good measure. You might call me a "jane of all design trades". I love jewelry, textiles, paper - see, I told you! I began creating jewelry when I couldn't find the perfect necklace for a special event. So my imagination took over and as they say, the rest is history.

All of my jewelry is entirely sterling silver, unless I specify otherwise in my description. I have been experimenting with my photography - if I don't convey exactly what you're wanting, please feel free to convo me for additional details.

I hope that you enjoy my ETSY site and thank you for your support of everything handmade!!!">


I am definately in love with a bags and coffee cozys! I love the retro style of the fabric and colorful desings, truly an eye candy.

"Hi there! You probably clicked on my profile to learn some juicy personal crap about me. Well, here it goes, my whole life!

Just kidding. I'm going to some it up for you. I'm in my wee-early 20's and I joined etsy as a way to 'express my inner creative self' *yawn*... It really is a way for me to vent out though. If I'm mad, I sew. If I'm bored, I sew. If my dog is making me mad, I sew. If I saw this lady at the salon with this real cute bag, I go home and sew it.

Currently, I live in east bay California (it's not OAKKKLAND or anything, so really, it's not that's exciting) and have for about a year. Me, my boyfriend, and our 90lb pitbull Mr David Bowie don't really like it. We're going to be moving to Philly very soon. Nate's parents are there and since I grew up in Chicago, I'll feel closer to home. Basically, we're traveling nuts in love who live the 'get up and leave' life.

As for some credentials... after highschool, I went to design college and I left with a measly certificate in Fashion Design. See ma, I left school with a paper! I'm much, much, much more happier sewing bags than clothes.

Follow me at"


I am already picking couple of favorites from the gorgeous wall decorations there! I will be sure to have some of them before we will finally redecorate upstairs.

"Originally from Melbourne, Australia, we have recently relocated to Sunny Singapore!

Decorette is a line of self-adhesive vinyl graphics (aka wall decals) created for people who want to easily transform the look of their room space in minutes! A fantastic alternative to wallpaper and paint, these vinyl art decals are so thin, designs look like they are painted on.

Quick and easy to apply, these can be affixed to any smooth, flat surface like a wall, fridge, mirror, window, laptops, the ceiling and even the floor. The possibilities are just endless! Simply choose your space, then peel and stick to create instant art designs without the hassle of paint, tools or mess.

Decorettes are completely removable (but NOT reusable) so when you’re ready for a change, simply peel off and start again!

We love custom orders so please feel free to send us your requests!

Find out more about wall decals in our FAQ section found in our "Shop Policies"
As featured on:
BUST Magazine:
Neato Stuff:">


If you in search for a baby showers gifts you will love those!! Can you imagine all the bouquets are actually made of baby basics! Baby sleepers, onesies, blankets, socks and so on, isnt it adorable?

"For the last 8 years I have been making custom gifts for my friends and family to celebrate special occasions: Weddings, Engagements, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Baptisms, Graduations, Housewarmings, and Birthdays.

After being told to start a business and share my talents, I found my way here to etsy. I received a similiar "blooming bouquet" of kitchen items for my own bridal shower last year and was inspired to make my own. I remember how special I felt receiving such a unique gift.

Besides being a Martha Stewart wanna-be, I am an avid bargain shopper. My knack for finding bargains is why I can make my blooming bouquets with high quality baby clothes, items, and kitchen towels at below retail value.

I love combining my two favorite hobbies: shopping and crafting! It is an honor to make a special gift for your loved one."


GORGEOUS pinchusions! I truly had a hard time to pick a favorites :) and of course wonderful bold and happy colored quilts and gift items!

"Cheers from sunny and beautiful Bulgaria! It is an inspiring place in South-Eastern Europe by the Black Sea coast, which I see from my window.

I started crafting when I was 6. My grand mother taught me lots of things and I really loved them.
After some time, an arts high school and not so arty university diploma, I decided to make a career twist and devote all of my time to crafting and family. So I made up a small quilt studio and gift shop and started making other people happy by doing my favorite thing - crafting!

I talk more about my crafting on my blog:

Thanks for stopping by!"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Featuring Etsy creative people

And our 3d week of features :)
Sadly many members forgot to write me a short bios about themselves, so sorry guys, part of this feature will be missing this infromation.


Do you like knitted things and yarn? I am sure you will be in love with a colorful and funky creations there :) I already putting several of the knitted "friends" in my favorites :) and a baby clothes are just adorable.

"Here you will find a lot of pretty baby dresses. Sorry, I am partial to girls, having raised my own daughter, she's now about to turn 17. Where did the time go?

I also have some crocheted friends I have made for both boys and girls. Don't forget about the baby blankets. They come in all colors of the rainbow."


And here I think half of the shop will be sitting in my favorites. Why wouldnt like a cute green fluffy cat or the most adorable monster existed? ;)

"Cheezombie often finds herself bleary eyed and finger sore, but still knitting and watching slasher movies, at 2 a.m. The byproducts of these late night sessions fuel others, whereby creating a cycle of sleeplessness and creativity."


Do you like making things yourself? Do you sometimes wish you would had a right pattern? There is a place, huge ammount of WONDERFUL PDF patters for so many different and pretty creations.

Jen writes about herself:

"My name is Jen, I started making felt toys for my children when toys were being recalled in great numbers. I loved making them so much- I figured others would as well- and opened my shop. All of my patterns are original, hand drafted patterns by myself. They include a supply list, color photos full size patterns, and detailed instructions."


Did you knew that a t-shirt can transform itself into a cute red rabbit? Or that acrylic pendants can be so ellegant? You will definately need to visit Alex shop to see it yourself...

Alex writes:

"My name is Alex Broadbent, I'm 23 years old, and I got a BA(hons) in Visual Communications in June 2008. My primary artistic background is in graphic design, but I'm now beginning to branch out into illustration, photography and knitting. I've been attempting to learn a new skill every month or so since leaving university, and so far have learnt how to bind books, use a sewing machine, knit in the round, bake cupcakes, and some basic garment repairs.

My blog is:
And I recently did a project with zink on:

My Etsy shop is:
The products I create in my Etsy shop are all original designs created by myself. Inspiration for my products comes from far and wide, and all my designs start of as sketches in my notebook.

Since learning how to machine stitch I’m in the process of making some new items for my Etsy shop, including shopping totes, cosmetics bags, and mini satchel bags."


Jewelry from Gwen has a wonderful feel of optimism, forms are special and colors are bold and happy. There is a such a big collection I am sure everybody can find something they like.

Gwen writes about herself:

"Hi! I create unique handmade jewelry, clutch purses and wristlets, felt wearables, and love to travel and share my vintage finds. My shop features Free Shipping on all items.

My Etsy Shop:
My Blog:"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OH MY....

You know, God is really a joker, because it is only why he picked up such a date for it...LOL...MY LOAN FOR OPENING MY ATELIER GOT ACCEPTED TODAY!!!!!!! I am so excited and I am in complete shock!!!! LOL No, it is truly not a joke! We already called to make an appointement with a shop owner we going to rent for the next Monday.

Please hold all your fingers crossed for me!

"floating on the coulds"

Spring, 1st of april and photos...

I know I know, I actually supposed to make a joke or to talk about 1st of April...well, my cup of coffee decided to play a joke on me and fell and splashed all over my can it be MORE cup of coffee with crafts and fashion? least my table is super clean at the moment ;)

But yes, it is a beautiful spring day...

Daffodils are growing almost in every corner of our garden...

Our bunny Cappuchino is enjoying the sun as well...

Dogs are running and playing like crazy :)

And only Chicka is being lazy once again and sitting with my son Daniel LOL

Last sketches

Last sketches for the summer collectino 2009 are finally done :) Thank you so much for your ideas and input and emails! I took some of your advice and tried to incorporate several new colors. I still try to keep it gentle because Belgium mode colors are sadly very plain...

So here they are, I hope you like them :)

And of course some 1st of April fun will be posted later ;)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Want to help me to pick up the colors? :)

I have 3 new designs for my collection in the work... still in a sketch black and white variation. Want to help me to pick up the colors? :) Which one is your favorite?

New items in the shop

If you didnt had a chance yet to visit my Etsy shop this week, thank you may be should ;) I have just added several new clothing designs there including fashion design sketches....

What is there new you may ask?

First of all...CUSTOMISE YOUR COAT...the wonderful warm vest that you can customise yourself by your request...buttons, lenght, application :) just go wild! LOL

Retro big collar pullover....such a great trico fabric!

And open shoulders sits completely different on a human body LOL but on this "doll" it really doesnt show...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Housewife collection SUMMER 2009

When I was searching for inspiration for my new summer collection 2009 I knew what direction it was going to take. I feel such a nostalgical feeling when I think about 1940's, it is almost like I was living than once before. I was scrolling through 40's fashion and house commercials and I could finally see a "red thread" of designs coming through...

So I hope you like the result :), this is only two sketches of the many coming...


And two designs:

If you would like to have one of the collection designs made exactly by your size - please contact me to

Both of the sketches are availiable here in my Etsy shop:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Featuring Etsy creative people - part 2

And of course here is a second part about wonderful creative Etsy folks....

Lets talk a walk...


I love mosaics, they always seems to be as a big cloud of colorful butterflies creating something amazing. And if you would like to see some wonderful examples of this colorful perfection of mosaic you definately should visit Beth's shop.

Beth writes about herself:

"Yonpli Mosaics is a one woman mosaic shop. I started mosaics several years ago because of a wine bottle problem. I have always loved glass and just couldn't bring myself to toss a bunch of wine bottles in different colors. Hoping to make something with them, I started researching what I could do and discovered mosaics. I then quickly discovered much better glass for mosaics, high quality Italian vitreous glass, so those wine bottles never got used - but I did manage to recycle them finally. Now I enjoy exploring the many aspects of glass in my work, from the different sheens and finishes to shapes I can break it into and lay it out in to, of course, the many beautiful colors it comes in."


When I first time visited Londi's shop I was amazed how unique was her creations. I could never imagine that something so beautiful can be created of simple zipper and wool. Take a look and I promise you will not be dissapointed!

Londi writes about herself:

"Hi my name is Londi. I'm orginally from the U.S and I'm presently living in France.
I'm a third generation jeweler (by trade) experenced working with precious metal, stones, as well as designing, carving and finishing. For the last few years I've enjoyed felting, sewing, making jewelry, and my hand-made X-mas bulbs. I'm inspired by nature, lighting, flowers, children, anything from a rock, to a grain of sand...a piece of gold, to a piece of glitter!
I love working with color, texture, all art mediums in every way, shape and form!
I love to mix the old with the new. Precious metal, semi-precious stones, vintage, buttons, lace, wool, zippers, well you'll see, the list goes on!
So whatever your stlye, Romantic, Visionary, Adventures, Contemporary, or just fun Art Jewelry, you will find it here!"

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Featured spot for Etsy creative people - part 1

And this is our second weekend of features. I enjoy it so much! Looking around at wojnderful creations, reading intersting bios and of course meeting a new people! So happy to see you here on my blog as well, welcome!

If you would like to speread the word to help the fols out - please do so! I will be so happy to see this feature mentioned on the other blogs as well.


Cindy has such a funky creations I end up spending a long time in her shop. Her pet portrets are adorable! I hardly could pick up a favorite because I loved them all!

Cindy writes about herself:

"I'm a photographer/graphic artist who is delighted to have figured out how to combine two of my passions - collecting old photos and (seemingly) collecting pets. I have been a photographer/graphic designer for 20 years, and Photoshop user oh, er - I mean costume maker, for about 14 years. I've also been an animal lover all my life and I go to the animal shelters once a week to take photos of adoptable animals for the newspaper. Some of those animals are seen here, but only the ones that were eventually adopted.

I live in the Deep South, USA not far from where Flannery O'Connor fed her peacocks. I have eight cats, three dogs, two fish and one husband."


If you love cozy, warm colored and country feel home decor than you should definately visit a Terry's shop. All the things are lovingly hand painted and look wonderful.

Terry writes:

"I was born in Boston Mass. I now live in New Hampshire but have lived all over, including Colorado(my true home at heart) and Maine. I have raised three successful contributing children all of whom I am extremely proud of.
I love to design and paint functional home decor. If it does not have a function I am not interested. I believe very strongly in purchasing Made in the USA whenever possible."


Holly's shop gives me such a funky and fresh feel. I like bold colors and very happy jewelry creations she has there. Are you all about fresh, young and strong? Than you definately need to visit because Holly is definately rocks ;).

She writes about herself:

"I am going to school to be a teacher, I am planning to teach middle school because I have a passion for working with adolescents. My etsy shop is something I do on the side to keep me busy when I get a free minute away from my school work. I've been crafting since I was a little girl, and it became a hobby that just stuck with me into adulthood. "