Sunday, March 29, 2009

Featuring Etsy creative people - part 2

And of course here is a second part about wonderful creative Etsy folks....

Lets talk a walk...


I love mosaics, they always seems to be as a big cloud of colorful butterflies creating something amazing. And if you would like to see some wonderful examples of this colorful perfection of mosaic you definately should visit Beth's shop.

Beth writes about herself:

"Yonpli Mosaics is a one woman mosaic shop. I started mosaics several years ago because of a wine bottle problem. I have always loved glass and just couldn't bring myself to toss a bunch of wine bottles in different colors. Hoping to make something with them, I started researching what I could do and discovered mosaics. I then quickly discovered much better glass for mosaics, high quality Italian vitreous glass, so those wine bottles never got used - but I did manage to recycle them finally. Now I enjoy exploring the many aspects of glass in my work, from the different sheens and finishes to shapes I can break it into and lay it out in to, of course, the many beautiful colors it comes in."


When I first time visited Londi's shop I was amazed how unique was her creations. I could never imagine that something so beautiful can be created of simple zipper and wool. Take a look and I promise you will not be dissapointed!

Londi writes about herself:

"Hi my name is Londi. I'm orginally from the U.S and I'm presently living in France.
I'm a third generation jeweler (by trade) experenced working with precious metal, stones, as well as designing, carving and finishing. For the last few years I've enjoyed felting, sewing, making jewelry, and my hand-made X-mas bulbs. I'm inspired by nature, lighting, flowers, children, anything from a rock, to a grain of sand...a piece of gold, to a piece of glitter!
I love working with color, texture, all art mediums in every way, shape and form!
I love to mix the old with the new. Precious metal, semi-precious stones, vintage, buttons, lace, wool, zippers, well you'll see, the list goes on!
So whatever your stlye, Romantic, Visionary, Adventures, Contemporary, or just fun Art Jewelry, you will find it here!"

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  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful feature! I'm off to tweet you up!