Monday, March 23, 2009

Pillows, jumpers, sun and rain

Weekend was wonderful. Its like summer showed for a second with almot 18 degrees and non stop sun and than it was gone and we have a rainy and gloomy day today.

But while being most of the time outside in the weekend (replanting loads of plants and flowers to the new place) I still managed to make something and even to put it in my Etsy.

You know, when I was a little kid I always thought it could be so cool to have a room with loads of pillows...well, I guess its what playing a big part of the inspiration at the moment haha...So yeah, here we go with a pillows again.

There are much more and they are all added to my Etsy...

And here is two jumpers that I liked so much to make :) Melody is playing a little model for me...