Saturday, March 28, 2009

Featured spot for Etsy creative people - part 1

And this is our second weekend of features. I enjoy it so much! Looking around at wojnderful creations, reading intersting bios and of course meeting a new people! So happy to see you here on my blog as well, welcome!

If you would like to speread the word to help the fols out - please do so! I will be so happy to see this feature mentioned on the other blogs as well.


Cindy has such a funky creations I end up spending a long time in her shop. Her pet portrets are adorable! I hardly could pick up a favorite because I loved them all!

Cindy writes about herself:

"I'm a photographer/graphic artist who is delighted to have figured out how to combine two of my passions - collecting old photos and (seemingly) collecting pets. I have been a photographer/graphic designer for 20 years, and Photoshop user oh, er - I mean costume maker, for about 14 years. I've also been an animal lover all my life and I go to the animal shelters once a week to take photos of adoptable animals for the newspaper. Some of those animals are seen here, but only the ones that were eventually adopted.

I live in the Deep South, USA not far from where Flannery O'Connor fed her peacocks. I have eight cats, three dogs, two fish and one husband."


If you love cozy, warm colored and country feel home decor than you should definately visit a Terry's shop. All the things are lovingly hand painted and look wonderful.

Terry writes:

"I was born in Boston Mass. I now live in New Hampshire but have lived all over, including Colorado(my true home at heart) and Maine. I have raised three successful contributing children all of whom I am extremely proud of.
I love to design and paint functional home decor. If it does not have a function I am not interested. I believe very strongly in purchasing Made in the USA whenever possible."


Holly's shop gives me such a funky and fresh feel. I like bold colors and very happy jewelry creations she has there. Are you all about fresh, young and strong? Than you definately need to visit because Holly is definately rocks ;).

She writes about herself:

"I am going to school to be a teacher, I am planning to teach middle school because I have a passion for working with adolescents. My etsy shop is something I do on the side to keep me busy when I get a free minute away from my school work. I've been crafting since I was a little girl, and it became a hobby that just stuck with me into adulthood. "


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my shop, and for all the wonderful things you said about my work. That made me smile, it was so very sweet of you!

    I LOVE the portraits by HotDigitalDog, those are hilarious!

  2. Excellent choices! Those pet portraits are awesome :)

  3. What wonderful etsians. :) I especially love the mouse portraits!