Sunday, April 12, 2009

Feature for Etsy creative people

And our next week of featured creative Etsy folks is here :)

I hope you will enjoy the visit to their shops!


I love the gentle pastel colors of the jewelry, they feels so feminine and so inviting. They feels fresh like a real spring.

"Tippy Stockton jewelry is designed and handmade from sterling silver, vintage, and glass beads. My inspiration is great color, texture and a bit of nature thrown in for good measure. You might call me a "jane of all design trades". I love jewelry, textiles, paper - see, I told you! I began creating jewelry when I couldn't find the perfect necklace for a special event. So my imagination took over and as they say, the rest is history.

All of my jewelry is entirely sterling silver, unless I specify otherwise in my description. I have been experimenting with my photography - if I don't convey exactly what you're wanting, please feel free to convo me for additional details.

I hope that you enjoy my ETSY site and thank you for your support of everything handmade!!!">


I am definately in love with a bags and coffee cozys! I love the retro style of the fabric and colorful desings, truly an eye candy.

"Hi there! You probably clicked on my profile to learn some juicy personal crap about me. Well, here it goes, my whole life!

Just kidding. I'm going to some it up for you. I'm in my wee-early 20's and I joined etsy as a way to 'express my inner creative self' *yawn*... It really is a way for me to vent out though. If I'm mad, I sew. If I'm bored, I sew. If my dog is making me mad, I sew. If I saw this lady at the salon with this real cute bag, I go home and sew it.

Currently, I live in east bay California (it's not OAKKKLAND or anything, so really, it's not that's exciting) and have for about a year. Me, my boyfriend, and our 90lb pitbull Mr David Bowie don't really like it. We're going to be moving to Philly very soon. Nate's parents are there and since I grew up in Chicago, I'll feel closer to home. Basically, we're traveling nuts in love who live the 'get up and leave' life.

As for some credentials... after highschool, I went to design college and I left with a measly certificate in Fashion Design. See ma, I left school with a paper! I'm much, much, much more happier sewing bags than clothes.

Follow me at"


I am already picking couple of favorites from the gorgeous wall decorations there! I will be sure to have some of them before we will finally redecorate upstairs.

"Originally from Melbourne, Australia, we have recently relocated to Sunny Singapore!

Decorette is a line of self-adhesive vinyl graphics (aka wall decals) created for people who want to easily transform the look of their room space in minutes! A fantastic alternative to wallpaper and paint, these vinyl art decals are so thin, designs look like they are painted on.

Quick and easy to apply, these can be affixed to any smooth, flat surface like a wall, fridge, mirror, window, laptops, the ceiling and even the floor. The possibilities are just endless! Simply choose your space, then peel and stick to create instant art designs without the hassle of paint, tools or mess.

Decorettes are completely removable (but NOT reusable) so when you’re ready for a change, simply peel off and start again!

We love custom orders so please feel free to send us your requests!

Find out more about wall decals in our FAQ section found in our "Shop Policies"
As featured on:
BUST Magazine:
Neato Stuff:">


If you in search for a baby showers gifts you will love those!! Can you imagine all the bouquets are actually made of baby basics! Baby sleepers, onesies, blankets, socks and so on, isnt it adorable?

"For the last 8 years I have been making custom gifts for my friends and family to celebrate special occasions: Weddings, Engagements, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Baptisms, Graduations, Housewarmings, and Birthdays.

After being told to start a business and share my talents, I found my way here to etsy. I received a similiar "blooming bouquet" of kitchen items for my own bridal shower last year and was inspired to make my own. I remember how special I felt receiving such a unique gift.

Besides being a Martha Stewart wanna-be, I am an avid bargain shopper. My knack for finding bargains is why I can make my blooming bouquets with high quality baby clothes, items, and kitchen towels at below retail value.

I love combining my two favorite hobbies: shopping and crafting! It is an honor to make a special gift for your loved one."


GORGEOUS pinchusions! I truly had a hard time to pick a favorites :) and of course wonderful bold and happy colored quilts and gift items!

"Cheers from sunny and beautiful Bulgaria! It is an inspiring place in South-Eastern Europe by the Black Sea coast, which I see from my window.

I started crafting when I was 6. My grand mother taught me lots of things and I really loved them.
After some time, an arts high school and not so arty university diploma, I decided to make a career twist and devote all of my time to crafting and family. So I made up a small quilt studio and gift shop and started making other people happy by doing my favorite thing - crafting!

I talk more about my crafting on my blog:

Thanks for stopping by!"


  1. Those are some amazing things you've found there I particularly like the wall decorations. Some people on etsy are soooo talented

  2. Thank you Maria for having me as a featured artist on your site - you're the best. My BOGO Sale continues at Tippy Stockton! Buy one, get one at 1/2 price. Great deals!!!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring us on your website! We're glad you like our designs and look forward to being part of your newly decorated home!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my Blooming Bouquets~ we have recently expanded the line to include Kitchen Towel/Apron/Oven Mitt Blooming Bouquets and Spa Pampering Blooming Bouquets with a myriad of items to help you get some R&R. Check it out and let's us know what you think!

  5. Those oven mitts are so cute!